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Publications by RCEF

RCEF Annual Reports

The Rural China Education Foundation's annual reports, sorted by year.

The RCEF Newsletter

The RCEF Newsletter is a publication about the educational initiatives being carried out by RCEF in rural Shanxi Province, China.

RCEF Highlights

The RCEF Highlights is a round-up of educational initiatives being carried out by RCEF in rural Shanxi Province, China.



   RCEF Service Learning Handbook

  Download in Chinese 
  Download in English

This booklet was written for RCEF staff and cooperating teachers as well as rural educators around the country who are interested in knowing more about service-learning. It presents background information about the role of service-learning in RCEF strategy, describes what service-learning (and especially high-quality service-learning) is, traces the tradition of service-learning in Chinese history, and provides suggestions for planning and evaluating service-learning projects. For information about how to implement service-learning projects, please see the RCEF service-learning guidebook, which includes detailed description of the service-learning process, considerations and sample lesson plans for each step of the process, and case studies of service-learning projects in rural schools. 

I Love Lashi HaiI love Lashi Hai [Chinese]


Dispatches from the FieldDispatches from the Field: Reflections of RCEF in Rural China, 2008 [English]


Beyond the Textbook: A Handbook for Short-term Teaching in Rural China

RCEF has published a "Handbook for Short-Term Teaching in Rural China". This 292-page paperback serves as a handbook for short-term teaching projects in rural areas of China. It was compiled on the basis of first-hand experiences from RCEF's annual volunteer teaching program. The handbook is meant for anyone interested in quality education, but in particular for volunteers in China who are interested in teaching for short periods of time in rural areas. Both an English and a Chinese version are available for download here: [English] [Chinese]

Re-imagining Education in Rural China [English]
September 2011 - Solutions Journal

Crossing Borders in Rural China [English] [中文]
Nov 2005 - China Campus Magazine

Citizen Idealists Go to School [English]
Jul 2005 - China Development Brief    

From Classroom to Countryside [English]
May 2005 - Harvard Project

Students Set Out to Alleviate 'Poverty of Spirit' [English]
Feb 2005 - China Development Brief

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The RCEF Newsletter

The RCEF NewsletterRCEF Newsletter Issue 44 May-October 2011 [English] [中 文]

RCEF Newsletter Issue 43 March & April 2011 [English] [中 文]

RCEF Newsletter Issue 42 February 2011 [English] [中 文]

RCEF Newsletter Issue 41 January 2011 [English] [中 文]

RCEF Newsletter Issue 40 November 2010 [English] [中 文]

RCEF Newsletter Issue 39 October 2010 [English] [中 文]

RCEF Newsletter Issue 38 September 2010 [English] [中 文]

RCEF Newsletter Issue 37 June 2010 [English] [中 文]

RCEF Newsletter Issue 36 May 2010 [English] [中 文]

RCEF Newsletter Issue 35 April 2010 [English] [中 文]

RCEF Newsletter Issue 34 March 2010 [English] [中 文]

RCEF Newsletter Issue 33 February 2010 [English] [中 文]

RCEF Newsletter Issue 32 January 2010 [English] [中 文]

RCEF Newsletter Issue 31 December 2009 [English] [中文]

RCEF Newsletter Issue 30 November 2009 [English] [中文

RCEF Newsletter Issue 29 October 2009 [English] [中文]

RCEF Newsletter Issue 28 September 2009 [English] [中文]  

RCEF Newsletter Issue 27 July/August 2009 [English] [中文]  

RCEF Newsletter Issue 26 June 2009 [English] [中文

RCEF Newsletter Issue 25 May 2009 [English] [中文]

RCEF Newsletter Issue 24 April 2009 [English] [中文]

RCEF Newsletter Issue 23 March 2009 [English] [中文]

RCEF Newsletter Issue 22 February 2009 [English] [中文]

RCEF Newsletter Issue 21 December 2008 [English] [中文]

RCEF Newsletter Issue 20 November 2008 [English] [中文]

RCEF Newsletter Issue 19 October 2008 [English] [中文]

RCEF Newsletter Issue 18 September 2008 [English] [中文]

RCEF Newsletter Issue17 July 2008 [English] [中文]

RCEF Newsletter Issue 16 May 2008 [English] [中文]

RCEF Newsletter Issue 15 April 2008 [English]

RCEF Newsletter Issue 14 March 2008 [English]

RCEF Newsletter Issue 13 Feburary 2008[English]

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RCEF Highlights

RCEF HighlightsRCEF Highlights Issue 4 February 2010 [English]

RCEF Highlights Issue 3 September 2009 [English]

RCEF Highlights Issue 2 June 2009 [English]

RCEF Highlights Issue 1 2009 [English] [中文]

RCEF Highlights Issue 2 2008 [English] [中文]

RCEF Highlights Issue 1 2008 [English] [中文]

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RCEF Annual Report

RCEF Annual Report 2011

RCEF Annual Report 2010-2011 [English ]

RCEF Annual Report 2009-2010 [English ] [中 文]

RCEF Annual Report 2008-2009 [English ] [中 文]

RCEF Annual Report 2007-2008 [English ] [中文]

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